Meeting Minutes 11/8/18


Park View PTC Meeting

Thursday, November 8th  7:00pm

Board members

Tim Ahlenius, Co-President | Christy Galey, Co-President | Julia Noack, Co-Vice President | Hope Serritella, Co-Vice President | Dena Herbert, Co-Secretary | Alec Schraegle, Co-Secretary | Rachna Thakkar, Treasurer



  • Here are some of the highlights of what was discussed at the PTC Presidents’ Council Meeting at the district office:

    1. IASB Resolutions – Triple I Conference Delegate Assembly

      1. D89 not supporting new resolution for student safety and protection (firearms allowed in school with a current IL concealed carry license or a carry license issued under the Law Enforcement Officers Safety Act) due to need for more parameters and rules associated with the resolution.

    2. Giordano’s Dine-Out Fundraiser

      1. Earned $800 dedicated to PEP

    3. ESSA Overview

      1. Reauthorization of No Child Left Behind – ESSA

      2. November 1st designations are released

      3. Focus on the whole child through a balanced accountability system that factors in academic growth, academic proficiency, and other school factors.

      4. Looking at growth not just proficiency

      5. 90% grade level by 2032 (do not have cut scores yet)

      6. Four ratings:

        1. Exemplary - (top 10%)

        2. Commendable - (not in 10% but no subgroups performing below the all student group)

        3. Under Performing – (one or more subgroups performing below the all student group)

        4. Lowest Performing – bottom 5% of state

        5. Subgroups based on 20 students (used to be 40)

  • Vice-President

  • Treasurer

    1. The PTC will begin thinking about ways to better contextualize the PTC funds around how we contribute more specifically.

  • Secretary

Teachers Report


We are studying fairy tales and the lessons that they teach.  We will be beginning a unit on force and motion in science.


First graders have been busy becoming published authors and illustrators!  Students have been working hard creating math story problems and corresponding illustrations.  Each class will send them out this week to be made into a class book. We can’t wait to see how our hard work turns out!


We have been learning about arrays in Math which is the foundation for Multiplication.

We have also just finished Folktales and Fables in Literacy.

We have begun Animal Habitats in Science.


We are wrapping up all of our units for this trimester. Students are enjoying publishing and sharing their first personal narrative writing piece with the class. In math we will begin exploring division.


Fourth grade is studying the history of Illinois. We are learning about the war of 1812. In math we continue to work on multi-step problems  and large number multiplication. We are all reading different novels in class for guided reading.


Fifth grade has been involved with doing a number of research projects these past few weeks.  They have been researching explorers in Social Studies and invasive species to the Midwest in Science.  After independent research, students have been working in groups to create a Google slideshow presentation.  Afterwards, they present this information to the rest of the class, focusing on using good eye contact, a clear speaking voice, good posture, and an appropriate volume.


This month the Kindergarteners and first graders have been learning your to use the computers for word processing. They are learning what all of the “special keys” do and how to change the font, size, and color of their text. They love it!


Kindergarten, first, third and fifth have started doing team building challenges. We are focusing on working together to achieve a common goal in various activities. Second and fourth have just begun basketball. We will be focusing skills and incorporating them into gameplay activity.


We’ve working on Square One Art projects and subjects related to Fall.


Chorus will be performing the National Anthem for Veteran’s Day at an all-school assembly.

5th graders are starting ukuleles this week!

Social Work

Focusing on self management in the classroom social emotional learning lessons.

Committee Reports

  1. Book Fair, Grandparent’s Breakfast, Ice Cream Social (results)

    1. Book fair total retail sales $8,618.95, $3,878 in book profit...400-500 new books for the library. This is the highest sale on record as of 2010.

    2. Grandparents breakfast…a big success. 132 kids and 165 grandparents. Many commented they enjoyed the fresh fruit and also the picture booth. Spent $400 on the event, Starbucks donated the coffee

    3. Ice Cream Social:  recommend start a bit earlier next year.  We spent $340.

  2. Mrs. Mouse’s House (planning)

    1. Two co-chairs now.  Ana Baker and Kate Kraft.  Still needs more volunteers for the second shift.  Email was sent to the builders club requesting volunteers.

    2. Glenbard South is also having an event the same time/day

    3. Will look for 5th graders to help the kids wrap gifts

    4. We will have a list of the gifts the Monday after Thanksgiving for the kids to review prior to the event

  3. Pancake Breakfast (planning)

    1. Start planning this week

  4. Bake Sale (planning)

    1. Lauren Miller is the chair

    2. Reminders will be sent out soon, with instructions on drop off of bake sale items

  5. Fall Fundraiser, SaveAround Coupon Book (results)

    1. Sold 229 books, $2,862.50 in profit

Ladies Night will be Dec. 5th at Evereve in Wheaton.  Time is 7-9pm. The store will be closed just for us to attend! Enjoy shopping and mingle with parents.

Movie Night 228 kids registered, about 200 showed.  Profit was $344. Overall good event, may add closed captions to the next movie.  Coming up with new ways to streamline registration. January 11th is the next movie night, we’ll start sending out flyers just before winter break.  [Recommendation to provide more information on the website and/or a seperate newsletter].

New Business

  1. Working on trying to set up another restaurant night through Barone’s during one of the nights of Parent/Teacher conferences. Stay tuned. Date was set for Thursday, Nov 15th. 5-8pm

    1. 20% of profits go to the PTC

    2. PTC will order pizza for the teachers for the conference night

  2. Parent Teacher Conference nights – Thurs, Nov 15th and Mon, Nov 19th, and Tues, Nov 20th

  3. No PTC meeting in December.

Next PTC Meeting – Thursday, January 10th at 7pm - Lots of info to cover at that time: Literacy Night, Adult Social in Feb, Panther Pride Fest in March, Fun Run in April.

1st PTC Assembly: Mad About Science November 15th

Literacy night coming in January, Sarah Clarin will be the chair. More details coming soon.

Family Art Night tomorrow night 6:30

Adjourn at 8:02 pm

Park View PTC