Meeting Minutes 09/13/18


Meeting Minutes 09/13/18

Start Time: 7:02 pm


Christy Galey, Julia Noack, Hope Serritella, Alec Schraegle, Rachna Thakkar

  • Welcome and formal introduction of the board.

  • Introduction of special guests: Superintendent Dr. Emily Tammaru

Old business and approval of last meeting’s minutes

  • Minutes have been presented and approved; new minutes will be published on the website

Presentation from Superintendent Dr. Emily Tammaru regarding the tax referendum on the ballot for November 6th

  • Majority of our audience attended curriculum night, therefore the presentation will move swiftly.

  • For more information on the presentation details, please visit the District 89 finance page:

  • Questions:

    • If the referendum doesn’t pass, can it be reintroduced on the next ballot?  Yes

    • If the referendum passes, is it to maintain current levels, and/or add additional positions?  This is to maintain current levels, adjusting for enrollment as necessary.

    • If the referendum doesn’t pass, what specifics can be provided around what gets cut?  It’s really TBD at the moment. The list of items at risk for being cut are items not required by the state of IL.

    • Was there a discussion to charge for full day kindergarten?  Yes, but those who need it most are the individuals who cannot afford it.

  • Informational session on September 17th at 6-7 pm at Park View, and Oct 23rd over coffee around 9 - 10 am

  • Dr. Tammaru has left the meeting

Introduce Steve Neurauter and Carrie Zimmer with the Yes for 89 Campaign

  • Intention of Steve joining us is to solicit assistance from the community to support the Vote Yes for 89 Campaign

  • Review website to sign up for canvas support. They need more help on Saturdays in Oct and Nov canvassing in the community.

  • Website also includes information on how to register to vote, get yard signs, buttons

  • PO Box or website offer opportunity to donate funds as you’re able

  • There aren’t enough households with kids to vote and get the referendum to pass. Need to canvass the community.

  • They also have a facebook page to remain up to date on the latest on the effort.

  • Steve and Carrie left the meeting.

Principal’s Report - Mrs Peterson

MAP tests are coming home to kids 1 - 5 grades on Friday, September 14th.

Faculty Report


Social Studies- learning about being a member of the classroom community, Science-energy from the sun, Reading- 3 ways to read a book: read the words, read the pictures, retell the story.


First graders are learning about literacy and math stations. In science, we are studying plants. We planted seeds and transferred them to a plant maze. The students brainstormed what will happen next.


Second Grade is learning about Place Value in Math, Working on writing with interesting hooks while including exciting details. In Social Studies we are working on communities and government.


3rd grade will be starting guided reading and guided math this week. We have completed F&P to get a better reading level for each student.


4th grade is working on mastery of multiplication facts. We are starting our study of Illinois history.


5th graders are working on place value, learning about narratives, and settling into their classroom economies. Each student has a job that affects others in the room!


We have spent the first few weeks getting reacquainted with the where things are in the library, the correct way to use technology, and exploring the Maker Space.


We are enjoying getting to know all the kids and thrilled to be a part of the Park View family


We have been using the elements of art and principles of design to make art. We are also watching (and sketching) our classroom caterpillars.


4th / 5th grade Chorus begins the first week of October

Social Work

social emotional learning lessons will be starting in the classrooms!

Officer’s Reports

  • President

    • The president’s meeting at the district was primarily about the tax referendum.

    • The ballot language on Nov 6th may be seem a little confusing but a copy of the exact language will be coming out soon so that you can see it in advance.

    • Dr Tammaru is doing a question and answer session on Sept 17th at Park View 6pm and another coffee session in October from 9am-10am

    • The district will be having 3 restaurant nights: Giordano’s (October 4), Chipotle (Jan), and PDQ (Feb). Once the have the dates, they will be announcing. All proceeds benefit ALL schools in the district. (all proceeds to benefit the D89 PEP Grant Fund).

    • Glenbard Parent Series –

      • Wednesday, Sept. 26

        • No Drama Discipline/The Whole Brain Child/ Early Childhood Event (Children 3-10 years of age.)

        • 9:30 am Marquardt School District 15 Administration Center 1860 Glen Ellyn Road  Glendale Heights.

    • Additional Updates – these are some of the things the PTC works on behind the scenes

      • Supplied back to school gifts for the staff – water bottles with candies and a note. “We just can’t bottle up our excitement about the new school year. Welcome back from the PTC.”

      • Purchased 1 birthday book for each child in the school

      • Purchased books for the school’s 1 book for 1 school program

      • Hosted a Kindergarten Meet & Greet during school supply pickup. Had about 50 people in attendance. Kids met others from the same class and played on the playground.

  • Vice-President

    • They write the newsletters, keep a look out for requests to help volunteer for various events and programs

  • Treasurer

    • Presenting budget

    • Budget motion to approve and seconded.

    • Members voted and Approved.

  • Secretary

    • Mention of new website, reach out to webmaster email address on the website for any suggestions, edits, etc.

Committee Reports

  • School Directory (planning)

    • Debbie has been managing for 4 years, Julia Noack is now taking over

    • Directory is loaded for this year, kids, teachers

    • 392 students in the directory, but this does not imply everyone attending school is included

    • New students were emailed information to log in

    • PTC is picking up the cost of the directory, as it’s now electronic

  • Book Fair (planning)

    • Wendi Egan chairing for the first time this year, predecessor moved to a different school

    • October 19th

    • Contract in place with Anderson

    • No finance to report since funds are captured in books, not cash. The proceeds will results in hundreds of new books for the Park View library

    • Help would be appreciated, more information will be shared once the golf outing is complete

    • Teachers and kids fill out their wish lists for the night before

  • Grandparent’s Breakfast (planning)

    • Ana Kendra is the chair

    • Runs the morning of the book fair, before school 7:15-8:30

    • A light breakfast provided, then go into the book fair

    • Last year attendance was about 200, budget about $375 for the breakfast

    • RSVP will be due back a week before the breakfast

    • Gym was very busy, offering the library this year to break up some of the crowd

    • Starbucks will donate coffee this year

  • Ice Cream Social (planning)

    • Colleen Johnson is the chair

    • Completely free to parents and kids, located in the big gym

    • 6:30 - 8:30

    • Schwan’s home delivery brings the ice cream

    • Kids can win free ice cream to Oberweis in a contest

  • Head Room Parent Coordinator (planning)

    • Jen Brzezinski

    • 1 class that doesn’t have a head Room parent, Mrs. Jacoby

    • Once all rooms have parents, Jen will set up time to meet with everyone and beginning planning for the year

    • Only 3 parents can be in a classroom per party

      • Reason being it’s a fire code issue

    • All classrooms will have the same foods, and will communicate details around food, activities, etc.

  • Spirit Wear (planning)

    • 9/14/18 is the last day for spiritwear ordering

    • 103 orders totaling 181 pieces so far

  • School Supply Kits (results)

    • Julia Kling current chair, but passing on the responsibility

    • Kathy Warner is taking over

    • 25% orders came through paper, the remainder was online

      • Potential to move to all online next year

    • Should we consider dropping off the school supplies directly in the classrooms next year, vs having a pickup to bring home, then bring back to the school

New Business

  • Panera Restaurant Night, Wednesday September 26th 4:00-8:00pm

    • You can order online, through drive thru

    • This benefits Park View and not the whole district.

    • Will explore opening up this up to lunch for teachers

  • Announcements

    • Portillo’s restaurant night is Oct 24th 5 - 8 pm

    • Also a Park View fundraiser and not district wide

    • Lady’s Night planning will begin soon, potentially shopping at Evereve

Adjournment at 8:32 pm

Park View PTC