Meeting Minutes 1/10/19


Park View PTC Meeting

Thursday, January 10th, 2019  7:00pm

Board members Present

Christy Galey, Co-President | Julia Noack, Co-Vice President | Hope Serritella, Co-Vice President | Dena Herbert, Co-Secretary | Alec Schraegle, Co-Secretary | Rachna Thakkar, Treasurer

Welcome - Call at 7:06 pm

Old business and approval of last meeting’s minutes

  • Last meeting’s minutes approved.

Principal’s Report

  • MAP testing K - 5 next week (1/14 - 1/18/19)

  • 5 Essentials, reminder for parents to complete, due next Friday 1/18/19

  • All geared up for literacy night

    • The school will distribute the books the following day

    • Raffle also taking place for the evening

Faculty Report

Kindergarten is gearing up for the 100th day of school. We are reading winter stories and practicing journal writing.
First grade students are beginning an animal research project.  We are excited to turn our research into our own non-fiction book!
ELA- Focus on Non Fiction and Poetry
Grammar- Adjectives, Adverbs and pronouns.
Writing-letter writing and poetry
Math - Adding two-digit and Subtracting two-digit numbers.
Science-Physical Science-Matter
Social Studies- History-Focus on local changes.
3rd grade is beginning our unit on fractions. Students are also continuing to research their individual topics for their non-fiction writing.
Fourth grade is beginning to learn how to divide very large numbers. We are also learning about the Chicago Fire in Social Studies.
5th grade students have begun switching classrooms/teachers to help prepare for the transition to middle school next year. Mrs. Callahan teaches Science, Miss Mau teaches Writing, and Mrs. Riordan teaches Reading. We’re busy learning across all subject areas!
Just before break we celebrated a week of code. All the students-Kindergarden through 5th grade spent time coding. All of the students in 1-5th grade have a log in at if it is something they would like to do at home.
Kindergarten, first, third and fifth have started the basketball unit. Skill work will include dribbling and passing for primary grades and we will add shooting and game play scenarios for 3rd and 5th grade.
Students are working on gesture drawings, portraits, and self portraits.
3rd graders will start recorders in the new few weeks, 5th graders continue to work on ukulele chords. Chorus is preparing for the District 89 choral festival in March. Kindergarten and 2nd are preparing for their spring music programs. 4th graders will be starting recorder karate in the next couple weeks.
Social Work
Working on Social Awareness/Relationships in classroom Social Emotional Learning groups.  All students earned a pajama day for good behavior/self management in December.

Officer’s Reports

  1. President

    1. No district meeting for PTC in December

    2. Interviews are being conducted for Mrs. Peterson’s replacement, Tim and Christy were invited to participate in the process.

      1. Decision should be made by end of month

    3. Park View pantry program in early development phases, meant to support our Park View families in need.  Initial plan is to roll this out across 3 phases of various goods.

  2. Vice-President (hold until Committee Reports)

  3. Treasurer

    1. Pancake Breakfast and Mrs. Mouses House generated some income for the PTC, current total balance sitting around $30K

  4. Secretary

Committee Reports

  1. Super Saturday – Pancake Breakfast, Mrs. Mouse’s House, Bake Sale (results)

    1. $954 made from pancake breakfast

    2. We had just about the right amount of food for the event

    3. $247 generated from Mrs. Mouses House

    4. $184 from the bake sale

    5. Next year’s event will explore including additional holidays for this event.

    6. Big thanks to all the volunteers

  2. Ladies Night Out Shopping at Evereve (results)

    1. Generated $224

    2. Next event is the first week of March and Paradiso in Lombard, fundraiser hours will be open all day.  Jayne in downtown Glen Ellyn in May will follow.

  3. Literacy Night – Thursday, January 17th (planning)

    1. Need more volunteers, at least 4 individuals to support the event serving food and checking people in.

  4. Restaurant Nights – January Date TBD. Results of the Barone’s in Nov. (planning/results)

    1. Planning something for February

    2. Portillo’s we made $261

    3. Barone’s we made $317

  5. Crunch Time with Dad’s, Friday February 1st (planning)

    1. Same chairs running the event

    2. Requesting RSVP’s this time to better plan for food

    3. Event is open to others beyond Fathers to accompany the children.

    4. One day event this year, but open to the first 200 attendees.

  6. Parents Night Out

    1. This is a pending event, more informal than last year

  7. Fun Run

    1. Event is in the planning phases, current date is April 26th but is still subject to change.

    2. We will communicate a fundraising goal for this event

New Business

  1. Panther Pride Fest – Need a chair/ co-chair by Jan. 25th or event cancelled. Event date was scheduled for March 1st (planning)

    1. If the event is cancelled, we will open the floor for suggestions of events to take its place, something at a smaller scale.


  1. Early dismissal at 11:50 on Friday, January 18th

  2. No School on Monday, January 21st

  3. Movie Night Tomorrow – Friday, January 11th

    1. 177 kids so far planning to attend. Drop off is 6:30 - 8:15

  4. Weekly PTC e-Newsletter will move from weekly to monthly starting in February

  5. Next PTC Meeting – Wednesday, February 13th at 7pm

Meeting Adjourned 8:19 pm

Park View PTC