Meeting Minutes 2/13/19


Park View PTC Meeting

Wednesday, February 13th, 2019  7:00pm

Board Member Attendance

Tim Ahlenius, Co-President | Christy Galey, Co-President | Julia Noack, Co-Vice President | Hope Serritella, Co-Vice President | Alec Schraegle, Co-Secretary | Rachna Thakkar, Treasurer

Start Time: 7:09 pm


Old business and approval of last meeting’s minutes - Approved

Principal’s Report

One book one school is going well, little Wilbur is making the rounds through each classroom

MAP reports came home

Valentine’s Day parties tomorrow (2/14)

PARCC state testing coming up, April 3-5

Faculty Report
We are incorporating President’s Day into our nonfiction reading unit. In math we started addition and are having fun getting ready for Valentine’s Day!
In Social Studies, first graders are completing timelines about important times in their lives.  In math we are working on subtracting with tens and ones.
We are working on 3 digit addition and subtraction this month. In Science, we will be doing activities and conducting some experiments to learn about the states of matter and how they change. We enjoyed another “In school Field Trip” from the DuPage Agricultural Department (Ag in the Classroom) and learned about the farming that takes place just to make one of favorite foods...PIZZA.
Third graders are continuing to publish their nonfiction writing pieces. We are working on fractions in math class and asking and answering questions in reading. In science, we will move on to force and motion. In social studies we are studying DuPage county history.
We are working on long division and will be moving on to fractions soon. The children are writing a feature article too. They are enjoying publishing their articles and they will be coming home soon.
Students are finishing up their Opinion Essays about their topic of choice. We’ve moved onto Fractions in Math and in social studies, we’re working our way up to the American Revolution by analyzing the causes of the war.
This month we kicked off our one book-one school reading initiative. Every student K-5 received a copy of the Book Charlotte’s Web and each classroom is reading the book together.

All students have been participating in the Jump rope for heart program. The students have been jumping rope in the gym to keep their own hearts healthy, and raising money to fight heart disease. We have already exceeded our goal!
Students have been studying the human figure by doing gesture drawings, blind contour drawings (5th grade), and self portraits (using realistic proportions/in the style of famous artists/and using mixed media. They’ve also learned about Op art and practiced working with this style. District 89 Fine Art Night took place at the Glen Ellyn Library Feb. 12
5th graders are working on their ukulele ensemble projects, which they will present to their classes in March. 4th graders start recorder karate next week & 3rd graders started recorders this week!
The Kindergarten music program is at 6pm on Tuesday, April 16th and the 2nd grade music program is at 2:45pm on Wednesday, March 6th.

District 89 Celebration of Diversity--
Cultural Fair, April 9, 2019 @ Glen Crest 6:00 - 7:30 p.m.  All district students and families are welcome and encouraged to participate.  We want to celebrate the diverse cultures and family traditions in D89. A form went home this week with more information.

Officer’s Reports


CASE Early Intervention Program (birth-five) is available and it’s free, more people qualify than they’d otherwise think. Parameters for who qualifies is now expanded. Automatic qualifiers now include ANY disability or delay. No longer solely based on income.

Adjusted calendar for D89 released, posted on our PTC Facebook page.  We match D87 calendar calendar for the high school. Start and end dates of school are based so that high schoolers can take finals before winter break. Our 1/2 days in the calendar also have to be there so teachers have mandatory professional development days. 

District restaurant night March 5th at PDQ; will benefit PEP

Vice-President (hold until Committee Reports)


$32K balance

Made $220 for Chipotle night


Will update the calendar with new calendar posted by district.

Committee Reports

Movie Night – Friday, January 11th (results)

Literacy Night – Thursday, January 17th (results)

Profited $470

Participation was double from last year

Big thanks to all volunteers

Ideas for the future, tie more literacy night themed items into the night itself

Restaurant Nights – NEXT Date TBD. Results of Chipotle’s in Jan. (planning/results)

$222.26 generated

Reached nearly $1K so far with restaurant night
Crunch Time with Dad’s, Friday February 22nd (re-scheduled)

Event has reached capacity

PTC will post volunteer link on Facebook to generate more support

Recommendation to also host a mom’s event as well

Parent’s Night Out – Feb/March (planning)

Table the event this year, due to the high amount of events this season.  Will revisit it next year

Fun Run – April 26th Tentatively (planning)

We have a sponsor, Dr. Razi Orthodontics

Chairs of the event presented to teachers yesterday (2/12)

Funds will go towards the projector in the gym

New Business

  1. Panther Pride Fest – Volunteers needed. Event date scheduled for March 1st (planning)

    1. all co-chairs from last year will also support this year

  2. Fun Run – Volunteers needed.  Event date scheduled for April 26th (planning)

    1. We will set up the sign up for new volunteers to register online


Glenbard South Scholarship – Donated $250, matching other PTC’s donated amounts

Valentine’s Day Classroom Parties on Thursday, February 14th

No School on Monday, February 18th – President’s Day

Crunch Time with Dad’s – Friday, February 22nd

Weekly PTC e-Newsletter will move from weekly to monthly starting in February

Next PTC Meeting – Thursday, March 14th at 7pm

  1. Our new principal will join our meeting.

Adjournment - 7:55 pm

Park View PTC