Meeting Minutes 3-14-19

Park View PTC Meeting

Thursday, March 14th, 2019  7:00pm

Board members

Tim Ahlenius, Co-President | Christy Galey, Co-President | Julia Noack, Co-Vice President | Hope Serritella, Co-Vice President | Dena Herbert, Co-Secretary | Alec Schraegle, Co-Secretary | Rachna Thakkar, Treasurer

Time: 7:00 pm

Old business and approval of last meeting’s minutes

Principal’s Report - Mrs. Peterson

  • Disabilities awareness assembly coming up

  • Thursday assembly this coming Thursday

  • Introduced Mrs. Mate - she has been coming into classrooms a few times on different days so far.

Faculty Report


Kindergarten is working on functional writing, which is letters, notes, lists, and advertisements. We enjoyed sharing family projects and making leprechauns.


First graders have been busy writing leprechaun stories. They have been working on writing the story with a beginning, middle, and end as well as adding a problem to be solved. (Such lucky ones they are.)


Second Grade just finished a fun unit on Geometry and we will be working on  our Money. We will soon be mailing Flat Stanley all over the world during our Geography unit.


Third grade will be having a publishing party Friday to share our nonfiction writing that the kids have worked so hard on. We will be moving on to biography writing.  


Fourth grade is working on a fraction unit in math. In Social Studies we are studying economics. We will soon complete a project where we have a million dollars to spend to buy a house, car, go to college and then furnish our home. We may be surprised how much money this takes!


Fifth grade is beginning guided units in reading that will focus on the genre of historical fiction. The time period that we are reading about is the Holocaust. These books will facilitate conversations about respect, tolerance, acceptance, integrity, and advocacy.


The library is partnering with 3rd grade to provide a lunch time book club for boys-planning now to begin in April. Research shows that on average boys read less beginning in elementary school and continuing on through their years in school. The hope of this club is to show boys the joy of reading.


K,1,3 and 5 just finished the jump rope unit and The Kids Heart Challenge fundraiser ($7700) and they are in the middle of a fitness unit to prep for fitness testing after spring break.


Students are working on a variety of sculpture projects.


5th graders will begin sharing their ukulele projects with their class starting next week.

The Kindergarten music program is on Tuesday, April 16th at 6pm, the 4th grade State Fair / music program is on Friday, May 10th at 2:45pm.

Social Work

Push in Social Emotional Learning lessons focusing on Relationships and then the focus will be Healthy Decision Making.  Also, students are working toward earning the next trimester celebration which will be a Spirit Day-All School Sports Day.

Officer’s Reports

  1. President

    1. D89 currently looking to fill openings for upcoming school year, details on the District website and the PTC facebook page.

    2. District is supporting Make a Wish Illinois, of which some of our Park View students have benefited from.

    3. Thank you to all the parents who donated to the Kindergarten classes to support the Discovery time activities

  2. Vice-President (hold until Committee Reports)

  3. Treasurer

    1. Teacher appreciation luncheon coming up

    2. Two upcoming assemblies to support financially

    3. We contributed $250 for Glenbard South High School Scholarship

  4. Secretary

    1. Sign Up links made available on the Facebook page, website, and Park View page itself

Committee Reports

  1. Crunch Time with Dad’s (results)

    1. Well attended event, we didn’t run out of food and we were well staffed with volunteers.

    2. Mrs. Peterson expressed a growing need to consider a mother’s version of this event.

  2. Panther Pride Fest (results)

    1. 32 fewer participants compared to prior years

    2. Recommendation to keep the raffle to elementary kids only

      1. consider something for the younger siblings

    3. Too many leftover pizzas

    4. Lack of diversity attending the event, how can we change this?

      1. Ice Cream social is free, and the turn out is much more diverse, therefore cost may be a driving factor

  3. Teacher Staff Appreciation Luncheon (planning)

    1. Planning is done, food will be ordered this weekend

    2. Need help (2 people) for the event itself, many parents that are helping prepare for the event will be out for Spring Break

  4. Ladies Night Out Shopping Event at Paridiso (Lombard) (planning)

    1. Thursday, April 4th.  7-9 pm

    2. more information will be on the flyer

    3. PTC receives 20% of all purchases7pm-9pm

    4. RSVP to Avani

    5. 20% of purchases

    6. Supporting a Park View Parent (owns the store)

  5. Movie Night – Friday, April 12th (planning)

    1. Ralph Breaks the Internet

    2. currently at 8 of 15 volunteers

  6. Fun Run – April 26th (planning)

    1. Donations are going very well, receiving lots of support

    2. Kick off is April 10th, 2 weeks of fundraising

    3. Considering asking the middle or high school cheerleaders to help rally the kids and get them excited.  

    4. Must sign up online, we’ll have our own website

    5. Proceeds all go towards a Projector and speaker system in the Gym

    6. Goal is to get every kid to bring in $30

    7. Staff and students get T-Shirts

    8. Need volunteers

    9. Parents can join as long as it’s outside

  7. Restaurant Nights

    1. Chipotle turnout was great; made $220.

  8. Next one is on April 10th to kick off the Fun Run

  9. Restaurant Night

    1. Chipotle - Good turn out

    2. Next one on April 10th, Chik-Fil-A, Lombard Location - Really need to communicate

      1. Goes together with the Kickoff for Fun Run as Cow is coming

  10. Food drive is going on, it ends March 22nd; when it will be delivered to the food pantry


  1. Early dismissal at 11:50 on Friday, March 22nd

  2. Spring Break March 25-29th

  3. Ladies Night Out Shopping at Paradiso Boutique Thursday, April 4th 7-9pm

  4. Next PTC Meeting Thursday, April 10th  

  5. Next Movie Night – Friday, April 12th

  6. PTC meeting frequency will likely decrease next year, potentially 3 per school year

  7. PTC Bylaws will also get a refresh this year

  8. We are in the process digitizing chair event details to better the transition processes for the various chair positions.  

Adjournment at 7:53

Park View PTC