Meeting Minutes 4/10/19

Start Time: 7:00 pm


Old business and approval of last meeting’s minutes

Principal’s Report

  1. IAR tests currently underway, taking it over a 6 day period

  2. Staying a 3 section building into next year

  3. 59 kindergarteners registered so far

Faculty Report


Kindergarten wants to thank our PTC and parents for all their generous donations for our Discovery time. The students are enjoying all new materials! In science, we are learning about living things and observing caterpillars in our classrooms to learn about the life cycle of painted lady butterflies. We also learning and celebrating Earth Day with books and projects.


First graders have been learning about whales. We have been reading fiction and nonfiction books about whales as well as researching different kinds of whales on PebbleGo. We all worked together to adopt Midnight, a humpback whale. In math we are focusing on Geometry.


Second Graders are anxiously awaiting the return of their Flat Stanley’s. We are finishing up our Money unit in Math with a Economics unit. We are looking forward to our Field Trip to Naper Settlement on April 25th.


Third graders will start their first IAR testing this week. They are publishing a class book and working on their Biography papers. In math we are focusing on Geometry skills.


Fourth graders will also be begin IAR testing this week.

This week students will begin research for their State Fair Project. Each student is assigned a state to research. They create a float and brochure to present at our State Fair in May.


Fifth graders will take three IAR tests this week, and two next week. Next week, fifth graders will have large-group conversations/discussions during the Human Growth and Development lessons. We’re focused on algebra in Math, the Revolutionary War in Social Studies, and biographies in Writing.


3rd and 5th grade are in the volleyball unit. Kindergarten and 1st grade have been working on throwing, aiming over objects.


Students have been working on sculpture projects using a variety of materials. Fifth graders have been working with clay. 2nd graders have built birds. Kindergarteners are sculpting with yarn inspired by Harold and the Purple Crayon. We are also building a pig inspired by Charlotte’s Web that all students have an opportunity to help with.


Kindergarten program is on Tuesday, April 16th at 6:00pm in the large gym.

Chorus is performing at the Music Cafe this weekend.

Social Work

Students working toward earning a spirit day for good behavior.  This will be a sports day and hopefully will be coming up shortly.

Officer’s Reports

  1. President

    1. Still working on bylaw revisions, will be communicated in May

    2. Monthly presidents meeting inclusive of other schools PTC presidents

    3. CAC strategic planning committee coming up next year.

      1. Identified an opportunity to bring synergy to various school clubs and programs

      2. Nine revisions of various policies changes taking place during the upcoming president’s meeting.

  2. Vice-President (hold until Committee Reports)

  3. Treasurer

    1. Balance $32K for the end of March

    2. A few additional expenses coming up

      1. 3rd grade book club

  4. Secretary

Committee Reports

  1. Teacher Staff Appreciation Luncheon (results)

    1. Very successful

    2. Last year for the chair, therefore we will need a chair for future events

  2. Ladies Night Out Shopping Event at Paridiso (Lombard) (results)

    1. $127 earned

    2. Next event may be either next month or during the summer

  3. Movie Night – Friday, April 12th (planned – Ralph Breaks the Internet)

    1. Volunteers are set

    2. Just over 100 signed up so far

  4. Fun Run – April 26th (planning, kickoff was today)

    1. Kick off assembly today

    2. Website will be updated with prize information

    3. Gym teachers will set up a dunk tank if they hit their donation goal

  5. Olympic Field Day – May 14th (planning)

    1. Current chair’s last year doing it, but she does have a shadow to take over.  

Silent Auction is February 8th at Reserve 22

  1. Need a co-chair

  2. Soliciting donations begin soon, some need a 6 month lead time

  3. The event will need help

New Business

  1. By-Laws Revision & Approval process still in the works. Proposed revisions and process will be communicated out in May

  2. Silent Auction 2020 – Avani Mehta


  1. Next Restaurant Night – TONIGHT Chick-Fil-A Lombard

  2. Next Movie Night – Friday, April 12th

  3. Kindergarten Orientation – April 23rd @ 6:30 pm

    1. Mrs. Peterson will not be there, but our new Principal will be there

  4. Fun Run – April 26th

  5. Teacher/Staff Appreciation Week – April 29th – May 3rd

  6. NO PTC Meeting on May 9th – Was on website calendar, confirming that we don’t have one.

Volunteer appreciation night is May 23th at 7:30 pm, location TBD

  1. Talent Show – Friday, May 17th

    1. May 1st is the sign up day


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