Safety at the Park and Sheehan Intersection

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Families walking their children to and from school, specifically crossing Park Blvd on Sheehan, have experienced numerous vehicle related incidences over the past few years. The safety of our Park View families are among our top priorities, and our parent community has taken a recently more involved role in working with our local authorities to drive more awareness of the safety risks at this crosswalk.

We need to continue informing the authorities when vehicle related incidents occur, and we’ve created the form below to help our community share their experiences. The form will be shared with those working closely with the authorities. We also wanted to make you aware of the applicable right-of-way rules to the intersection, also below.


What right-of-way rules apply to the intersection at Park Boulevard and Sheehan Avenue?

Per the 2019 Illinois Rules of the Road and Illinois law:

Pedestrian Rules and Rights

  • Pedestrians should not enter the crosswalk unless it is safe to do so or if they do not have a walk signal

  • Pedestrians may not start entering the roadway when the don’t walk sign is flashing or constantly lit

  • A pedestrian who has partially completed crossing during the constantly lighted walk signal may continue to a sidewalk

Driver Rules

A driver must come to a complete stop (and yield):

  • When a pedestrian is in a marked crosswalk

  • On school days, when children are in close proximity to a school zone crosswalk

  • When instructed to do so by a police officer or uniformed adult school crossing guard

To be clear: drivers must stop and may not approach pedestrians who have the right of way, as described in the “Pedestrian Rules and Rights” above.  A driver may come straight forward into the intersection, but not turn towards pedestrians in the crosswalk.

What to do if you are involved in a near-miss or an accident while crossing the road?


A. a driver drives through the intersection, not properly yielding to pedestrians 


B. a driver drives towards pedestrians in the crosswalk

then do the following:

  1. Make sure you and your party are safe

  2. Note the driver’s license plate number

  3. Call 911 to notify the police

  4. Fill out the form located on this webpage.

This communications plan has been developed in consultation with the Glen Ellyn Police Department Chief of Police and The Village of Glen Ellyn Village Manager.

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Name *
Please include your first and last name
Did you call 911 at the time of the incident?
Approximately how many kids were in the crosswalk at the time of the incident?
Approximately how many adults were in the crosswalk during the incident?
If you were able to capture the License Plate #, please enter it here.
What date and approximately what time did the incident occur?
Was the crossing guard present during the incident?
Can you share whether the driver stopped short of the crosswalk, or drove around the pedestrians walking? Any additional details to help us understand the situation would be very helpful.