Volunteer Overview

There are three core areas for volunteering with the Park View PTC, Digital Volunteer, In-Person Volunteering, Committee Chairs.  Review the areas below and feel free to contact the PTC for more information.

You can also sign up for volunteer opportunities directly via this link.  


Digital & Marketing Volunteer

If you know technology, have a knack at creating flyers, writing emails, communicating or constantly on the go with home, work, and life demands, but would still like to contribute; check out our digital volunteering opportunities.


In-Person Volunteering

If you are a part of our Park View parent or local community and have a few hours to spare to help setup, run or promote an event, or even better at multiple events, check out the different in-person volunteer opportunities available.


Activity Chairs

With all the planned events, we need to ensure that we have Activity/Committee Chairs to Lead or co-lead a committee that puts on one of our many programs. These volunteer positions are great for people who are organized, have a passion for a specific event.